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"P.S. 159 will be kicking off March Madness with a Wacky Tacky Bang! Live Djs will be playing the latest hits as students and parents enter the building through the balloon arches, all the while the Harlem Magic Masters demonstrate their basketball skills throughout the hallways of the building. Let's see who wins the best Wacky Tacky outfit of the day! Popcorn and Cotton Candy bags will be distributed to students and families; students will tie-dye t-shirts, and classes will capture their Wacky Tacky outfits with the 360 photo booth. The class per grade with the highest attendance will win the Grand Prize of a private roller-skating Glow Stick Party!"

19K158 Presents:

Best Grade Level Attendance Challenge

Does your grade level have what it takes to WIN this challenge?

Challenge Details:

The grade level that has 100% attendance on Tuesday March 1st will receive an

AttenDANCE Party.

“You have to be in it to win it”

At PS 65, we are committed to celebrating 100% attendance day! We have an action packed day for our students on Tuesday March 1st, 2022. Our teachers will incorporate activities throughout the day to boost our daily attendance. These activities include:

  • Classroom pizza parties

  • Movie party

  • No Homework

  • Art connection

  • An additional gym period

  • Prizes and rewards

Slogan: Let's Keep it 100`

At HPCS we are excited about 100% day. We are spending a lot of time promoting and preparing for this event. Any class that has 100% attendance that day will join us in a special celebration that includes a pizza party and, more importantly, a "Student vs. Admin Tic Tok Challenge." It will be an event no one wants to miss! We will also use this social media campaign to further connect with the parents in our community and show the world how awesome HPCS is.

Hale A. Woodruff: P.S. 224

“Your Presence is Our Present”

100% District Wide Attendance Day


  • Parents will be greeted with an outdoor continental breakfast as they bring their scholars to school hosted by the staff.

    • PTA members and teachers will greet parents outside

  • As Scholars enter the building, the school sunshine club and staff will be there to greet them and encourage their greatness for the day.

    • Staff will be lined up along the corridors to welcome the scholars to school

    • The first raffle of the day will be drawn during the morning announcements

      • (Raffle tickets have been given out to scholars who have been in school beginning from the week of February 10th

  • Families that returned the attendance contact before March 1st will receive an extra 3 tickets

  • Attendance breakfast for the scholars and families who will be inducted into the N.B.A (Never been Absent) club.

Assembly: Grade 3K-2 and Grades 3-5 Live DJ

  • Every Scholar that is present will receive an attendance award. Fun activities around attendance being a present will occur at this time.

    • After the assembly, scholars who are present will tape their present to our Wall of Fame.

  • Awards include:

    • Classes with the highest percentage

    • Grades with the highest percentage

    • Class with the most days of 100% attendance

    • Staff with the highest attendance

  • Scholars and staff will be inducted into the new club: N.B.A.

  • Raffles will be drawn at the attendance ceremony


  • Classes with 100% attendance will be announced

  • Last raffles of the day will be drawn

Bulletin Boards to be reveled:

  • N.B.A Club

  • Perfect Attendance for the Month

  • 100% Attendance Board

  • The Marathon Continues (Yearly attendance initiative)

  • Attendance Data board

Theme for the Rest of the Year: Let’s keep it 100%


Gateway 364's plan for the day:

We are having a party!!!!

We will decorate the halls in balloons and decorative items. All students will receive a gift.

The suggestions were:



We will also give students shot outs all day to let them know that they are our presents.


19K325 will be having a superhero themed event for "Your Presence is Present Day"

Our motto will be, "Real Superheroes come to School!" Scholars will participate in an ice cream social and all classes with 100% attendance will participate in a pizza party.


To motivate student attendance on Attendance Reset Day, all students will receive a t-shirt that says Go Huskies! Attendance Reset Day 2022! March 1st is Game Day! Students will bring in board games and competitions will b held throughout the day. Prizes will be given to the top gamer in each class. Put your game face on and get ready to RUMBLE!!


Here at East New York Middle School of Excellence we will be celebrating with multiple raffle drawings, As well as having a movie night for the students that attend school on the 100% attendance day. We will be celebrating the parents and staff that have been present 100% in our school!


Free recess passes to the class that has 100% attendance.

- Morning Walk-Up Call/Text. Sending a mass text message to parents reminding them to bring scholars to school.

- Have a Coffee/Hot Chocolate Station in front of the school to give out to parents as they bring their scholars to school.

- Social Media contest

-Quarter 2 Parent workshop around attendance. The parents will sign a contract for Quarter 2.

-Grand opening of our 328 stores and giving out of Phillis Wheatly dollar!


  • P.S./I.S 89 celebrates students on a monthly basis who have 100% attendance by recognizing them visiting classrooms and distributing incentives for that month (Ex: pencil, swag, etc).

  • Students with 100% attendance during the marking period are recognized in Cape Cypress. During a ceremony students partake in enjoying a treat and are recognized with a certifcate (ES parents are recognized with a carnation).

  • Students with 100% attendance for the school year will go on a trip.

  • We have a bulletin board by the main entrance where we celebrate students with 100% attencadece on a monthly basis (We will be adding students name who are in attendance on March 1st on this board)

  • Teachers recognize the students with 100% attendance by posting their A STAR poster including student names outside the classroom door.

  • Counselor, SW, School Aide and Parent Coordinator conduct family outreach of students who are chronically absenteeism and works with the families to improve attendance

  • We will have a raffle on March 1 including school swag and books

  • Students will get free dress day on March 1

  • We will promote March 1 (100% Attendance District 19 Celebration) via PS89 school email platform as well as with a flier


100% Attendance day Motto is You Have to be Present For A Chance To Win A Present

On March 1st we will have a grand celebration for our scholars throughout the day with fun, prizes, and more!!! . We will begin with Freddy’s Present Party, a musical greeting complete with our school mascot, staff, and scholar soul train line. We will follow up our present party with our Present Prizes which will include an Early bird raffle, to be eligible for this raffle scholars must arrive to school on or before 7:45 a.m. The early bird winner will win a grand prize. Additional raffles and gift cards will be given throughout the day for any scholar present. Lastly, we have a class House competition, the house with perfect attendance for day with receive a prize. March 1st will be a perfect day to be present at FDA VIII.


Extra, Extra Read All About It P.S. 273 School Community!

March 1, 2022, we are celebrating Your Presence is our Present Day! Therefore, the P.S. 273 school community is pulling out all the stops to ensure 100% of our students are present to take part in the welcoming and affirming 100% attendance activities. Here is what’s in store for our students and parents/guardians : Grand Music Entrance, Pop-up prizes, Attendance Trivia Giveaways, Attendance Classroom activities, Parent Attendance Workshop, and 100 Seconds Dance Offs. Students show-up on 3/1/22 to celebrate your presence.


Prep rally, games and fun activities for our scholars and give-aways. Our even will take place after lunch.


We will be having a virtual dance party with prizes and a raffle. Every student and parents will be getting a raffle ticket that can only be entered if they attend school that day! Everyone in attendance will be getting a 100% attendance bracelet. Every school member will be wearing eagle swag or dressed in eagle blue. A video message will also be posted on our website and social media to let the community know of our purpose and goal.


Public School 345 will be celebrating "Your presence is our present." "Good attendance leads to bright futures. " come out and join us for:

Our celebration of our N.B.A parents and student, our parent breakfast, prizes for classes with 100% attendance, our escape room, our special student lunch, our glow dance party with a DJ and special prizes for all parents bringing their kids to school on 3/1/22.


Vista Academy will be doing a Robo Call to parents on Monday. We will be celebrating our scholars who have perfect 100% attendance up until March 1st with a special shoutout and surprise. During our daily morning meeting, we will also have a special celebration for the day. We will also be creating a flyer to advertise on social media, our website and through email.

19K935 & 19K938

We want all scholars to develop a habit of attending school rain, sleet or shine. On March 1, 2022 the K667 campus community will celebrate attendance by hosting a campus-wide celebration including a DJ, games, BBQ and so much more all while reinforcing the importance of attending school every single day. Families, please join us in this endeavor by sending your child to school on Tuesday, March 1, 2022 for this very exciting event! We are aiming for 100% attendance on this day.


P.S. 190 will be doing "I am Here Day" on March 1, 2022, for 100% attendance day!

Ice Cream party will be held!


19K171 will be having a March Madness Student Attendance competition all month. The kickoff is 3/1/22. We will hold student parties, student pizza sessions and jam parties for perfect attendance in March.


PS 108K will celebrate Mar 1, 2022,”100% Attendance Day” by….

  • All classes with 100% attendance will be entered into a raffle to win a “Pizza Party”

  • All students who are in attendance will receive “Roar Bucks” to be redeemed for prizes

  • All classes with 100% attendance will enjoy a STEM period

  • All the students in attendance will have the opportunity to dress as a present (ie. birthday present) because each students’ presence at P.S. 108 is our present.


P.S .13K will engage the students in a morning PEP rally and mini parade. Throughout the day we will celebrate the students with 100% attendance, hailing them as attendance heroes and making them a part of our wall of fame. We will also be awarding prizes through our raffle.


We are throwing a party at the end of the day for everyone who is on time and present.


Students & families will be greeted at ingress with music, the school’s mascot, and door prizes for the first 100 students.

Grades 3-5 will have a morning pep rally in the auditorium where they will receive customized t-shirts & the agenda for days' activities.

Grades 3k-2 will receive their customized t-shirts in the classroom and then attend the “dancing in the streets” hall party. Tabletop games will be set up in the cafeteria. Students will sign up for the connect 4 challenge and prizes will be given.

The principal will raffle off grand prizes for the NBA(Never Been Absent) students. and names will be posted on the attendance board in the main lobby. The winners will receive a family night of bowling. PS 149 swag will be given to those students with most improved attendance.

There will be an end of the day pep rally in common areas for all grades to push 100% attendance for Wednesday March 2.

During egress, the families will be greeted with the mascot, motivational music and special cards inviting students to come to school March 2 with more surprises.


"SOAR for 74"

There are 74 days left of the school year from March 1st till June 27th

SOAR is our Core Value

Core Value

S tudent Discourse

O pportunity

A cademic Excellence

R esiliency

On March 1st we will have

74 minute REMIX at the start of the day

DJ in auditorium with games and karaoke

Ballons in entry

"SOAR for 74" bracelets

"74 minute" dance party remix at the end of the day

Ices for students as they leave


19K557 19K663

Black History Month Celebration

Click on the link for a preview: BHM Trailer