Community Education Council

Community Education Council

Borough President Appointee

Joyce French , President

Borough President Appointee

Sefrina Boodram, 1st Vice President

Patricia Powell, 2nd Vice President

Tabatha Foster, Secretary

Evelyn Pugh, Treasurer

Yina Cepeda, Time Keeper

Ruth Hernandez, Council Member

Contact Information

Jenise Narvaez

Administrative Assistant to the CEC

Address: 557 Pennsylvania Avenue, Room 201

Brooklyn, New York 11207

Email Address:

Telephone: 718-240-2743

Fax: 718-240-2750

What is a Community Education Council?

New York City’s Community and Citywide Education Councils are charged with promoting student achievement, advising and commenting on educational policies, and providing input to the Chancellor and the Panel for Educational Policy on matters of concern to the district. The powers and duties of CECs are spelled out in NYS Education Law §2590-e; those of Citywide Councils can be found in §2590-b.

The responsibilities of CEC members include:

  • Approving zoning lines, as submitted by the superintendent; Reviewing the district’s educational programs and assessing their effect on student achievement;

  • Submitting an annual evaluation of the superintendent to the Chancellor, and consulting on the selection of the community superintendent;

  • Serving as liaisons to School Leadership Teams and providing assistance;

  • Holding public hearings on the district’s annual capacity plans and submitting to the chancellor a CEC-approved plan based on enrollment/utilization data for each school in the district;

  • Holding joint public hearings with the chancellor (or designee) for any proposed school closing or significant change in school utilization; and

  • Preparing a district report card and ensuring its public distribution.

  • Making recommendations for improvements.

CEC members are required to attend a minimum of two trainings during their term of office and to submit a monthly performance report that includes meeting attendance records, school visits and committee activities.

Joyce French


Sefrina Boodram

First Vice President

Patricia Powell


Tabatha Foster


Evelyn Pugh

Treasurer and Brooklyn Borough President Appointee

Yena Cepeda


Ruth Hernandez

Council Member

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Contact Information

Community Education Council District 19

Address: 557 Pennsylvania Avenue, Room 201

Brooklyn, New York 11207

Telephone: 718-240-2743

Fax: 718-240-2750