Parent Coordinators 

         Parent Coordinator Information 

Schools                                                                              Name                                                                       Email                                           

P.S. 7                                                                                  Ana Perez                                      

P.S. 13                                                                               Estena Turner                                                               P.S. 65                                                                               Gilda Bravo                                           

P.S./I.S. 89                                                                       Arely Mayen                                   

P.S. 108                                                                            Rafael Amadeo                              

P.S. 149                                                                            Donna White                                

P.S. 158                                                                            Emily Aulet                                   

P.S. 159                                                                            Yvonne Ashley                              

I.S. 171                                                                              Zoraida Otero                               

P.S. 190                                                                             Stephen Santiago Jr                     

P.S. 202                                                                             Daisy Morales                             

P.S. 213                                                                             Pauline Forbes                                          

P.S. 214                                                                             Zakir Uddin                                            

J.H.S. 218                                                                          Tameeka Singleton                          

P.S. 224                                                                            Ronald Porter                                                          

P.S. 273                                                                             Tiffany Sheriod                                           

P.S. 290                                                                             Leonor Roldan                                            

I.S. 292                                                                               Juanita Jenkins                                     

P.S. 306                                                                              Katrina Weston                              

The Fresh Creek School                                                  Ricardo Fortuney                                                     

19K328                                                                            Brandon Clarke

19K345                                                                               Kathy Rodriguez                                                 

P.S. 346                                                                              Breyana Deleon                                                  

M.S.364                                                                              J’kaira Collins                                                       

F.D.A. VIII                                                                           Ladrecia Balfour                                                  

Brooklyn Gardens                                                          Nadine Atresino                                         

Van Siclen Community School                                       Stacy Hooper

Vista Academy                                                                

Liberty Avenue Middle School                                     Latoya Ramcharan                               

School of the Future Brooklyn                                                  

ENY Elementary School of Excellence                                                                           

ENY Middle School of Excellence                                 Dawne Martin-Thomas                               

Highland Park Community School                               Taniesha Henderson                                

Legacy School of the Arts                                             

M.S. 935                                                                            N/A

P.S. 938                                                                             N/A

Parent Coordinators .......

1. Create a Welcoming School Environment for Parents  Send a welcome letter to parents with your contact information and hours  Post signs, displays and bulletin boards at the school entrance about how you can be reached  Work with bilingual parents to assist in translation of outreach materials 

2. Increase Parent Involvement in the School through Outreach Programming  Create and distribute a school directory for parents  Survey parents to determine information they need from school  Host parent workshops and meetings on issues of interest to your community and assist outreach efforts of Parent/Teacher Association  Develop ongoing relationships with community- and faith-based organizations to share information about the school and identify community resources  Provide information and resources that can help parents to support their children’s learning at home 

3. Support your School Principal in Addressing Parents’ Concerns  Serve as the point of contact for parents  Provide information to parents about NYCDOE supplemental services  Work with the school staff, Regional/District and Central Parent staff to address and resolve specific parent concerns 

4. Support Parents Association/PTA  Assist in outreach for activities and to access needs of parents  Provide assistance, as needed, to establish PTA by-laws, nominations and elections  Attend PA/PTA meetings as an observer

School-Year 22-23 focus

D19 Parent Coordinators engaged in meaningful discussions surrounding the theme of this year, "Schools, Family, and Community Partnerships". For the 2022-23 school year, Parent Coordinators will focus on the shared responsibilities of Home to School, School to Home and Community Partnerships. Through our six areas of focus: Parenting, Communication, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision Making, and Collaborating school will continuously build relationships with families to support student achievement. 

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