Culturally Responsive & Sustaining Education


The New York State Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education (CRSE) framework supports educators in creating student-centered learning environments.

The four principles of Culturally Responsive-Sustaining Education:

  • Welcoming and affirming environment

  • High Expectations and rigorous instruction

  • Inclusive Curriculum and Assessment

  • Ongoing Professional Learning

District 19 Equity Team

Priority: Advance Equity Now

PLanning with OEA & Dr. Fergus

This is the work, now is the time. "The past cannot be changed...The future is in your power."

District 19 Equity Team

Digging into equity and disproportionality work with the D19 Equity Team, Dr. Eddie Fergus and the Office of Equity Access Members.

Citywide OEA Convening

District 19 Equity Team learning with and from other district teams. #AdvanceEquityNow

District 19 "Incubator schools"

District 19 incubator schools serve as a model. They are working on deepening the work they started in the 18-19 school year on disproportionality with a lens of CR-SE. As part of this work they meet with the equity team, as well as team members form the district, OEA, and Dr. Eddie Fergus to focus on operationalizing change strategies in response to disparity patterns and root cause analysis.