Girl's Empowerment Movement

The Girls Empowerment Movement (G.E.M.) provides leadership, mentorship and empowerment opportunities to girls across District 19. G.E.M. encourages girls to seek and celebrate their individuality by giving them a safe space, encouragement, structure and support to embrace their journey of self-discovery and self-love. Mentors help girls identify and apply their power and voice as individuals and as a group focusing on issues that are important in the lives of girls centered around the Core Values. Topics include learning about self, connecting with others, and planning for the future as strong, confident young ladies.

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Open Discussion Thread

Self-Care Morning ROutines

March 2022

The theme this month in celebration of Women' History Month was

Honoring & Highlighting the Movers & Shakers in Our Community!

Throughout the year the girls have been working on a call-to-action project to make a

positive impact in the community.

This month we wanted to highlight women in the community who are making a positive impact on the community and create the space for the women in the community to empower the girls to embrace being a girl/woman and to use their voice to bring about change. We were excited to have Former Assembly/Councilwoman Inez Barron, Camara Jackson, and Ms. Melinda Perkins join us. They shared the work they have done in the community,

the impact, and shared advice

they have for the girls around using their voice.

Our girls also interviewed the women in their school who embody the core values of Voice, Respect, Strength, Beauty, Individuality, Honesty, Confidence, as well as women in the community who are engaged in their call-to-action work.

The rest of this year is all about taking ACTION!

January 2022

This month we kicked off our Call to Action with a focus on GEM Voice! Jada, Vista Academy GEM, centered us for a moment of mindfulness. She shared with us the importance of being kind to yourself and loving yourself. The remainder of the convening was full of GEM Voices, first sharing their reflections and words from the Malala video on Speaking Up. The girls shared in the chat... Voice, Confidence, Speak up for Yourself, You don’t need to wait to Make a Difference.

Our GEMs from the Fresh Creek School and JHS 292 shared all about the work they have begun around their Call to Action. They shared the journey of identifying what their topic would be, researching to find out more information, plans to get their message out, and next steps. They were a great model and support for all of the GEM Squads.

Then it was time to Dig Deeper and engage in Research with each D19 GEM Squad. The girls used multiple digital sources to learn more about their topic and use the information to develop action steps. We are looking forward to learning more about digital platforms to get the message out as well as CBOs and partners next month to make real change in our community.