Dr. Tamra S. Collins, Superintendent            

Irene K. Spence, Deputy Superintendent 

David C. Banks,  New York City School Chancellor

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    Community School District 19


District 19 school communities and partners will work together to provide our scholars and families with academic, social/emotional resources and offer support to foster learning inside and outside of the traditional classroom in order to ensure access to high quality blended  learning opportunities. Our Scholars will be equipped with the skills needed to move towards mastery, excel at the next level and expand their knowledge of technology as we work to close the digital divide and sustain students’ path towards college and career readiness. 


District 19 school communities will facilitate, engage and support scholars’ learning in a  cognitively challenging learning environment. We will use a variety of innovative resources to facilitate developmentally-appropriate instruction that is tailored to meet all scholars’ individual learning needs. Our schools will continue to provide a safe, caring, personalized learning environment by embedding social/emotional structures and mental health supports to address the challenges scholars and families are facing and promoting the wellness of all.​ 


Equity is providing opportunities, resources, and access for each student to reach their goals by eliminating the predictability of who succeeds and who does not.  Equity is rooted in ensuring high-quality education, promoting wellness, and lifting the voices and experiences    of students, families, and the school community. 

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